My name is Brian Holvenstot, and welcome my online portfolio.

I am an industrial designer that grew up in Atlanta, GA with a love of the outdoors, motorsports, and art.  I studied industrial design at Georgia Tech where I graduated in 2001. In 2002, I moved to Southern California where I started my career designing helmets and protective gear for Pro-tec and Vans.

Throughout my career I have been drawn to opportunities that revolve around the outdoors and experiencing the world at full throttle. I’m humbled by the shear fun of being able to enjoy life perfecting the products that I want to use most. Whether it is snowboarding down the face of a mountain or riding a motorcycle on the open road, I am thinking about what is next and what would make that experience better.

My passion and skill has brought me to where I am in my life, but I know I still have a long way to go. I am always searching for opportunities to learn new tools, explore new ideas, and challenge my skills. This portfolio represents a portion of my life, and I hope you like what you see.


Brian Holvenstot

Early on

I am so fascinated by photography and it’s capability to bring your imagination to amazing places. Early on, I fell in love with the idea of filming my own productions, so I set out to learn everything I could.


I have been teaching myself filmmaking for the past four and a half years and I’m still learning every day. I am building my business as a freelance filmmaker, as well as working on my own photo shoots.